NAMM 2020 Happened.. So now I can start blogging more…

NAMM was on the 16th-19th of January this year, Amongst all the Synth announcements and loud wall of noise from the electric guitar section 😛 there was the not so small announcement of MIDI 2.0… again…

Astute readers may be aware that the MMA announced MIDI 2.0 last year and there is a great round up about this from Adam Neely last year…

Not so breaking now 😀

So what’s different this time….?

Last year was about demonstrating that all this was possible, while 2019 was all about trying to get it ready for release. During 2019 there was several limited news pieces and talks that provided hints about what was to come.

May is MIDI Month talk around MIDI 2.0 – only Audio
Title speaks for itself..

in the background though was a lot of hard work by some very dedicated people to get the specifications in order and ready for the general public… And now they are.. well almost.

The specifications are going through are last tidy and sign off before being released to the public.

What now?

Well for one I can start letting you know more about the specifications and I can start to ad more content to this site because it’s easier to talk about something that the public can actually read and see for themselves.